Secretly Y’all is an organization that broadcasts people’s true stories to inspire, to create, and to invest in community.
Every live event has a theme. The Setlist is the first part of the evening, which is comprised of people who have submitted and been selected to share their story. The three rules of SY are that the story must be true, told without notes, and within the time limit (7 minutes for a regular event). During intermission we provide the Hat, where folks who have been inspired to share their stories can throw their name in. The second part of the evening we pick names at random and these folks get to share their stories, same rules apply.
We recognize and strive to embody the fact that the power of a story is more than a sum of its words. We provide a microphone and an audience for those who have a true story to share, and a welcoming, safe space for those who choose to listen. And within this structure we ask our community to share their experiences with one another and to use this as a way that all of us as a group invest back into our community. From the $5 door donation collected at each event SY has channeled over $13,000 directly into local non-profits and charities since 2009.