(chance)ENCOUNTERS Dec 3rd @the Hofheimer Building

To submit your story please email a short story synopsis and bio to secretlyall@gmail.com

Oh, wow, funny running into you here!
Well, since we’re here, Secretly Y’all happens to be looking for stories for our December 3rd event, the theme is (chance)ENCOUNTERS…so tales of titillating run-ins with that cute neighbor, terrifying experiences with extraterrestrials, and “isn’t this a coincidence” moments that resulted in memorable outcomes.

See y’all at the Hofheimer Building on the 3rd!


PRIDE & PREJUDICE Sept 24 @ Rainbow Ballroom

Secretly Y’all is excited to collaborate with Diversity Richmond in presenting PRIDE & PREJUDICE.

Normally “Pride & Prejudice” brings to mind Victorian romances and oppressed women with sharp wits. However, at this Pride & Prejudice event there will be no Jane Austen allowed. Each September Virginia celebrates its local Pride Month, and this year we want to hear from Richmond’s vast, diverse LGBTQ+ community about their experiences as queer people in the formal capital of the Confederacy. How do we overcome the prejudice others spout or that we ourselves internalized and take pride in who we are and who we love?

The event was held in the Rainbow Ballroom, the main event hall at Diversity Richmond (1407 Sherwood Ave).

ILLEGITMATE July 16 @the Hofheimer

We at Secretly Y’all believe that everyone is legitimate. However systems are set up that dictate what is recognized as good and proper. We are interested in stories of those who have felt ostracized, have been deemed other or not part of, or have struggled to find legitimacy for themselves in a larger group. Lets continue the conversation through stories of finding spaces for recognition.

HOOK, LINE & SINKER July 23 @Pale Fire Brewing Co

Secretly Y’all is looking for fishing stories and we aren’t just talking about fish here – times when what you were trying to catch got caught, times when you caught nothing, times when you caught something entirely different than you were expecting…What was the worst April Fools Joke you ever got taken in by? What was the best lie you ever got away with in school to get out of an exam? Have you found you get away with more stuff by under exaggerating or by making sure the whopper you’re telling is ridiculously unbelievably huge? Seeking tales of deceiving and being deceived, of getting to know your quarry so well that you know just what will get them interested, of being the sucker who swallowed the bait whole….And just how big WAS that fish you said you caught anyway?

Secretly Y’all is a live storytelling event where we invite real people to tell true stories. No experience needed…just need to have a story that wants to be told! Every event we have a theme and look for 5-7 stories that relate to that theme to fill our Setlist. (Submit by emailing a brief story synopsis to secretlyall@gmail.com.) The only three rules are that the stories must be true, told within the time limit (7 minutes) and without notes.

During intermission we will leave out the Hat and some slips of paper – anyone who hasn’t told but still has a story (relating to the theme) can throw their name in. We select 2-4 names at random and these folks get to tell their stories too! (Same rules apply).

Stories begin at 7:30pm.