VALLEYS (Harrisonburg)

Harrisonburg, VA – May 13 at 7pm, $5 Benefitting: Blue Ridge Area Food Bank Can’t have an up without a down, right? Mountains wouldn’t look like nothing without some dramatic valleys alongside. Even though, from certain vantage points, you can actually, physically look down on anyone who lives in a valley, life down here can…


March 25th, 2019 at The Hofheimer Building Benefitting: Virginia Student Environmental Coalition Y’all it’s March. March in Richmond means some general roaring in like a lion, some nice lamb stuff and then…a snowstorm….So we figured we’d do our best here at SY to plan to whisk you away at the end of March to warmer…

CYBERSPACE (Harrisonburg)

March 18th, 2019 at Pale Fire Brewing Co Benefitting: Cat’s Cradle Rescue Stories of your emails, posts, tweets, AIM messages, IG feeds, craigslist adventures, tinder/grinder/christian mingle dates, being trolled or trolling, internet disputes, blogs, userfeeds, etc. etc. In particular we are looking for insight into how to traverse this world wide web- what you gained…


Stories of what it means to emotionally or spiritually pine so deeply for something or someone it physically hurts; of what it’s like to want (or think we want) something so badly that we are willing to sacrifice or compromise almost anything.


The implication of a scar is that before we were one thing and now we are something else: what was once unblemished, untarnished, unchallenged, whole, innocent, or naive has gone through an ordeal.