Stories of that moment when everything changed, when nothing will ever be the same again, when the impossible became reality, when the improbable DID beat the odds.


Have you ever been the luckless rube who got duped by someone else’s monkey business? Or perhaps trouble doesn’t have to seek you out and you have a tale to tell of your own silly antics, harmless debauchery or stupid shenanigans?


Stories, and we know everyone has one, of when the wet weather has changed the course of your day, your life… when an overcast sky has ruined plans or catalyzed completely new ones to develop.


Stories of being completely consumed by something so that you lost yourself, or any other interpretation that you have of the word ‘consumed’.

CYBERSPACE: Foes, Woes & Innuendos

February 6, 2017 at The Hofheimer Building Door proceeds benefitting: United Spinal Association of Virginia Stories of your emails, posts, tweets, instant messages, IG feeds, craigslist meet-ups, tinder/grinder/christian mingle dates, being trolled or trolling, internet disputes, blogs, userfeeds, etc. etc. In particular we are looking for insight into how to traverse this world wide web-…