November 12, 2018 at the Hofheimer

Benefitting: Student Veterans Association at VCU

The implication of a scar is that before we were one thing and now we are something else: what was once unblemished, untarnished, unchallenged, whole, innocent, or naive has gone through an ordeal. On the other side of this experience, the body or mind or soul or memory now bears this emblem of experience, this badge of perseverance, this permanent marker that we are somehow changed…for better or for worse.

Some of us choose to display a scar as proof of survival or victory in the face of adversity. Other scars we may hide or camouflage in an attempt to bury or forget a painful experience. Ultimately it’s important to remember that the scar, no matter its size or visibility, is only a symbol of the larger battle ground traversed.

Stories of what caused these marks that must now be worn for a lifetime…. what circumstances led us into the conflict and what paths did we find that led us away or out of these struggles? The beauty of the scar (its testament to survival and strength) and the burden that it healed, covers, and forever tethers us to.


  • Larry Meier
  • Adrienne Robertson
  • Alane Cameron Ford
  • Sandy Ting
  • Samantha Kittle
  • Sarah Fromme
  • Kevin Dillon
Category : RVA