March 13, 2018 at The Hofheimer Building

Benefitting: RX Partnership

Stories of that moment when everything changed, when nothing will ever be the same again, when the impossible became reality, when the improbable DID beat the odds.

This theme inevitably invokes the idea of a Before and an After: who, what, where was prior to…and then the unraveling or the rebuilding, the heartbreak or the joy, the loneliness or the reuniting that was the result of the Code Red event.

Tragedy: catastrophes, accidents, ill luck and violence can happen between nations and between two individuals; even within just one person’s body or mind. While retribution, a balance, is not a given (life is not fair, is it? …is it?) hopefully these instances of destruction are one side of a coin….


  • Mohammad Jamali
  • Sylvia DeVoss & Roddy Barnes
  • Charles Gowen
  • Terry Dolson
  • Chad Gresham
  • Sheila Johnson

Hat tellers:

  • Jasmine Lafgren
  • Blake Smoral
  • Alsten Touro
  • Madeline Grygiel
Category : RVA