July 3, 2018 at the Hofheimer Building

Benefitting: Rag and Bones

It’s probably just me… but sometimes when something happens to me out there in the real world and my brain doesn’t know how to explain it to itself, aforementioned brain will put itself on a loop – “Why did it have to happen like that? If this particular thing had been different, would the outcome have been the same? Could any of my actions, or lack thereof, been the cause?”

Stories of uncertainty, doubt, and times when life didn’t manage to wrap itself up in a neat little package with a bow on top. 


  • John Schengber
  • Jennifer Shotwell
  • Harry Kollatz Jr.
  • Pete Szijarto
  • Langdon Moss
  • Denise Bennett
  • Charles Gowen
  • Lizzy Hopkinson

Hat tellers:

  • Rich Griset
  • Camille Adams
Category : RVA