JEST! March 20th @Brambly Park

Alas, it appears that poor Yorick is in no condition to attend our upcoming March 20th event, but perhaps memory of his “…gibes…gambols…[and] flashes of merriment that were wont to set the table on a roar,” will call to mind your own silly stories to share! We want your tales of downright buffoonery, absurd outcomes, and post-maturity at its finest. (FYI, you know you’ve made it to post-maturity when you can, among other things, acknowledge that sometimes it really is the simplest stuff that’s funny…eg, the occasional fart joke). What was that ingenious practical joke you pulled off, or was it pulled off on you? And be honest, did it involve or reference a bodily function??
But we aren’t just joking around here; where IS the fine line between funny and way-not-funny (maybe even sinister or cruel)? Have you ever invoked “jester’s privilege” (the right to mock freely without being punished), and did you “set the table on a roar,” in a haha funny way…or did you get everyone roaring mad?
Historically the jester enjoyed the unique privilege to speak truth to power when no one else could. Their duties also often included being sent into enemy camps to deliver messages (hence, “don’t shoot the messenger”). No matter how you sliced it, it was a dicey job, especially if someone didn’t think your brand of humor was cutting it. That’s a lot to have riding on a knock knock joke or a whoopie cushion!
Seriously though, has acting the fool ever been the smartest decision you made? Have you been the messenger that (hopefully only metaphorically) has been shot?
Email us a short synopsis to to be considered for the Setlist. Mark your calendars! And spread the word! …just don’t dress up like a creepy clown lurking on the edge of the woods in Florida to do it, ok?