WHY VIRGINIA / MY VIRGINIA Aug 4th @Library of Virginia

We are collaborating with The Library of Virginia to celebrate its 200th year as the “most comprehensive resource in the world for the study of Virginia history, culture, and government,” aka the story of Virginia. And what is that story comprised of? Your stories….OUR stories! We want to hear about YOUR Virginia! Why are you here? What makes you stay, or makes you want to leave? How does Virginia intertwine with your past, present and future?

Is it a harrowing tale of highs and lows like the ridges and valleys of the Blue Ridge? Or perhaps a story of frustration, unrequited feelings, or stymied opportunities echoing the traffic of Northern Virginia? A meandering saga, like the paths the rivers have etched as they flow towards the Chesapeake Bay, or maybe a journey into the depths and darkness, like the coal mines that defined the industry of so many areas in the Commonwealth? Maybe it’s just a feel good, groovy , bee-bopping good time story like a eating a Flurry from the Dairy Queen on Virginia Beach….We want to hear your story about Virginia, with the backdrop of Virginia, because of Virginia, and in spite of Virginia.
To be considered for the Setlist, email us a story synopsis at secretlyall@gmail.com.
Come for the stories, but plan to explore the other fun exhibitions and activities LVa has set up for this First Friday event. (Inside scoop: there is limited free parking under their building.)