January 23, 2018 at the Hofheimer Building

Door proceeds benefiting: Milk and Cookies Children’s Program

From mes- ‘adversely’ + chever ‘come to a head’ we have…mischief. And while it obediently follows the English “i before e” rule (weird, huh?) there is little else law abiding about it. Have you ever been the luckless rube who got duped by someone else’s monkey business? Or perhaps trouble doesn’t have to seek you out and you have a tale to tell of your own silly antics, harmless debauchery or stupid shenanigans?

While you ride this holiday season out keep in mind that SY is seeking stories of fun gone awry (or just right?), devious intentions with disastrous results, or maybe just that innocent prank you managed to pull off that one time – a victimless crime, right?


  • Lydia Armstrong
  • Erin Mahone
  • Summer Orcutt
  • Matt Crane
  • Matthew Johnson
  • David Streever

Hat tellers:

  • Robert Peters
  • Madeline Grygiel
  • Allison Siegel
Category : RVA