August 3, 2018 at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Is the border between innovative and insane a universal understood delineation or a grey area interpreted and reinterpreted through time and space? Is it possible to do something wrong in a correct way or is it easier to digest the idea of a good idea gone bad due to circumstances?

We are pleased to collaborate with the VMFA and their Napoleon exhibit: an exploration of self propelled propaganda – a mentor for us all in the art of presenting and disseminating a representation of a supreme, sublime self while at the same time fiercely guarding access to one’s personal life. 
Sound familiar?

Stories of times when the face that you presented to the world was, perhaps, a wee bit, uh, contoured from reality; times when it seemed more useful to fabricate or hyperbolize certain attributes, facts, facets and not others… moments when it was fun to boast, brag, or gloat, but perhaps afterwards realized that all that hot air (and or “duck face”) didn’t really reflect the the “real you.”


  • Sylvia Devoss
  • Roddy Barnes
  • Nick Baskerville
  • Chris Dovi
  • Les Schaefer
  • Raven Mack

Category : RVA