February 25 , 2019 at Ardent Craft Ales

Door proceeds benefiting: Richmond Immigration Transit Association

Currently it’s estimated that 1 in every 8 Virginian was born outside of the US, how cool is that?

SY is excited to collaborate with the Library of Virginia for another special event, this one inspired by their current exhibition “New Virginians: 1619–2019 & Beyond.” We are seeking stories of the journeys that brought people here: what it meant to leave one place behind to come to a new one, and what had to be left behind in order to do so? What’s it like using English as a second or third language? How did you make a home, a job, a life here in this mid-Atlantic state, and why did you choose the Commonwealth of all places? Is there a difference between what it means to be American versus what it means to be a Virginian?

If you are a second, third (fourth?) generation member of an immigrant family, what made your home, upbringing, experiences unique from others you observed around you? Honestly y’all, how does this whole “23 and Me” attempt to claim exotic/foreign ancestry really shake out adjacent to the sitting US president wanting to build a wall to keep out people who’d like to immigrate here now?


  • Alissa Rufatovna
  • Frank Castellon
  • Morgan Walls
  • Lina Garada
  • Jillian Puerto
  • Wyatt Gordon
  • Ernestine Locsin
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