January 21, 2019 at The Hofheimer

Door proceeds benefiting: Nationz Foundation

Stories of what it means to emotionally or spiritually pine so deeply for something or someone it physically hurts; of what it’s like to want (or think we want) something so badly that we are willing to sacrifice or compromise almost anything; of the distances and feats we will attempt if just the right carrot is dangled in front of us….and of course if that one time you ate something and then pooped your pants was also a great story we are willing to consider you for the Setlist, too. 


  • Timone Brown
  • Madeline Grygiel
  • Soojin
  • Joel Eisen
  • Terry Dolson

Hat tellers:

  • Jillian Puerto
  • Khalil Houston
  • Phillip
  • Thomas Alleman
Category : RVA