September 4, 2015 at The Virginia Museum of Fine Art

We paired traditional images and meanings from Japanese tattoo art with stories. Each teller had 7-10 minutes to narrate in front of an image (projected on a large screen) of the tattoo.

Ryu (Dragon)- “A Blessing”
Koi (Carp)- “An Upstream Battle-Ax Lucy
Raven- “Pilgrimage”
Hou-ou (Phoenix)- “From the Ashes”
Oni (Demon)- “A Devil or an Angel?”
Zagaikotsu (Skull)- “Ode to my Ancestors”
Hannya (Mask)- “Unrequited Love”
Hasu (Lotus)- “An Epiphany”
Sakura (Cherry Blossom)- “Fleeting Moments”
Momigi (Maple Leaf)- “Floating on the Wind
Kiku (Chrysanthemum)- “Surviving the Cold”
Botan (Peony)- “He/She is a Rose without Thorns”


  • Terry Dolson
  • Trista Grisby
  • Matt Crane
  • Kendall Perkinson
  • Roddy Barnes
  • Rebecca Thomas
  • Sylvia DeVoss
  • Phil Ivanhoe
  • Jennifer Lemons
  • Ian Pishko
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