August 29, 2016 at Balliceaux

Door proceeds benefiting: Fighting More than Fires

Fire good. Fire bad. We all have had positive and negative experiences with fire. Deliberate and controlled it can be beautiful, soothing and light our way. Unintentional and wild it can destroy our lives, possessions and burn through our livelihoods.

Richmond has had a long history of fire, especially at the end of the Civil War. So we know the stories are here. Stories of starting fires- intentionally or un, literally or metaphorically. Stories of campfires in the wilderness, wildfires, forest fires, house fires, backyard bonfires, burning your things, burning letters, controlled fires that broke wild as well as the more abstract- fires in hearts, in your loins, starting fires of change, revolution, of disruption or chaos.


  • Grace Manno
  • Richard Sebastian
  • Alhaja Tracey
  • Josh LeHuray
  • Charles Gowan
  • Kristin Lennox
Category : RVA