March 25th, 2019 at The Hofheimer Building

Benefitting: Virginia Student Environmental Coalition

Y’all it’s March. March in Richmond means some general roaring in like a lion, some nice lamb stuff and then…a snowstorm….So we figured we’d do our best here at SY to plan to whisk you away at the end of March to warmer times (to come!) with stories from THE BEACH.

Tales of high and low tides of beach life; times when the sandy life was oh so good, and times when things…got a little too gritty; run ins with weird creatures, whether they came from the sea or the land; moments of forever sunsets, diving pelicans, leaping dolphins…Cmon now, you can almost taste the salt air already, right?


  • Angela Agee
  • Margaret Duke
  • Julie Grace Phillips
  • Joel Eisen
  • Heather Via

Hat Tellers

  • Katelyn Kresse-Smith
  • Mike Dulin
  • Rabbit
  • Sonia Limberis