November 27, 2017 at Flora

Door proceeds benefitting: The Health Brigade

Often isn’t reality the ultimate bearer of bad news? The instances when our expectations of “I’m sure it will be fine,” “What could POSSIBLY go wrong?” are exceeded by just how awful it can actually get.

Have you been the person who DID push the red button? Or played the part of Tragedy in the cast of characters that constitute your life?

And sure, sure, if at the end of the story you rise from the ashes like the mythical phoenix, that’s cool, too…but not all stories have happy endings, right?


  • Anthony Brazeau
  • Jesse Hill
  • Charles Ware
  • Dianne Baka
  • Sara Silverness-Clark
  • Chris McNew

Hat tellers:

  • Mark Pryor
  • Michaela Felter
  • Manny (Numina Rios)
  • Mike Platania
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