July 11, 2017 at the Hofheimer Building

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Love it or despise it? Joyous puddle jumper or grumpy soggy grumbler? Is rain the nurturer of nature or the spoiler of life’s picnics?

The water that falls from above can slowly help change the geographic course of a river…so considering rain as a contributor to evolution and revolution, both in nature and in our personal lives.

Stories, and we know everyone has one, of when the wet weather has changed the course of your day, your life… when an overcast sky has ruined plans or catalyzed completely new ones to develop.


  • Larry Meier
  • Allen Chamberlain
  • Chelsea Savage
  • Richard Sebastian
  • Christopher Alan MacDaniel
  • John Boyer
  • Chris Dovi

Hat Tellers

  • Jason Taylor
  • Kellyn
  • Jenny Nelson
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