September 12, 2017 at the Hofheimer Building

Door proceeds benefitting: ICE out of RVA

Walls, fences, moats – barriers that we build: to keep out or to hold in?

Stories of obstacles encountered, surmounted or perhaps toppled… times when we’ve sought protection behind or erected a line of defense to attempt to keep ourselves… safe?

If a 20 foot wall is built, won’t somebody just build a 21 foot ladder?
Thoughts on “ramparts?”

Floodwalls, dingo fences, roadblocks, heck, firewalls – y’all know how we do. Even though we are talking about walls, think outside the lines!


  • Liza Newell
  • Dave Moore
  • Jen Lawhorne
  • Emily Walker
  • Ian Pishko
  • Kristina Ripley
  • Salaan Bhatt
  • Jason Taylor

Hat tellers:

  • Joe Coleburn
  • Bill Bellville
  • John Delre
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